Rosemin Alimohammad, MD (Kingston Family Health Center)

Dr. Alimohammad was born in Winnipeg, Canada, but lived most of her life in Houston, Texas. She graduated from Saba University School of Medicine and also has a Masters in Accounting from the University of Texas. Dr. Alimohammad enjoys volunteering and has spent several weekends serving in hospitals and clinics in Houston. She feels Family Medicine is most fulfilling as it exposes one to all aspects of medicine. In Family Medicine, one is opened to a broad array of cases and such a learning experience is very rewarding.

Dr. Alimohammad believes the Mid-Hudson Family Medicine Program has a very strong training program with emphasis on community health and preventive medicine. She has a strong interest in serving in the rural area and also in geriatrics.

Mary Benoy, MD (Kingston Family Health Center)

Dr. Benoy finds that the best thing about Family Medicine is that it gives her the time to build a strong rapport with her patients so that she can be a strong influence in their lives. A Staten Islander who graduated from American University of Antigua School of Medicine finds the Mid-Hudson FM Residency administrative staff very approachable and accessible, adding “they will do almost anything to help the residents”. This was especially evident during the first few weeks of Intern year where they helped make the transition from student to resident seamless. Mary is currently working on getting a Masters of Public Health part time through Walden University and plans to go into a Preventive Medicine fellowship after completing her training.

Jincy Cherian, DO (Kingston Family Health Center)

Dr. Cherian grew up as a Bronx/Long Island hybrid. She spent half of her early days in the Parkchester area of the Bronx and the rest of her pre-residency days in Nassau County on Long Island. She was enrolled in an accelerated Bachelors of Science/Doctor of Osteopathy program through the New York Institute of Technology and the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine. Family Medicine exposes her to a huge range of people and pathologies and the diversity of the medicine is the most exciting part for her. She found The Mid Hudson Family Medicine program offers really comprehensive training in family medicine while still caring about its residents like they’re a part of the family.

Besides work, Jincy spent a lot of her free time involved in church activities and related volunteer work. Some of her best experiences were going Christmas caroling door-to-door and being an Arts and Crafts director for 300 kids at Vacation Bible School. She is also a little bit of an entertainment buff as she enjoys a wide array of music, movies, television, reading literature (mostly fiction) and all sorts of writing. She also loves to travel, both to relax and to catch up with friends and family.

Ben McLaughlin, DO (Kingston Family Health Center)

Born and raised in the Hudson Valley, Dr. McLaughlin graduated from SUNY New Paltz with a Bachelor’s degree in Developmental and Organismal Biology before continuing on to medical school at the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine. He then completed a year of training in Psychiatry at the Medical University of South Carolina before shifting his attention to a career in primary care. Ben holds the belief that the treatment of illness is best achieved with the promotion of health in addition to the fighting of disease. The holistic and integrated approach to medicine practiced at the Institute for Family Health in Kingston provides the ideal setting to continue his training. The opportunity to serve the community he grew up in makes it better still.

In his off hours, Ben enjoys epic bicycle rides and culinary adventures, both of which are in great abundance in the Mid-Hudson region.

Sritha Rajupet, MD (Kingston Family Health Center)

Graduated from St. Matthews University School of Medicine, Dr. Rajupet had completed an Interdisciplinary Women’s Health Research Fellowship at Staten Island University Hospital before starting her training at the Mid-Hudson Family Medicine Residency Program. Sritha grew up in Upstate NY where she finds her passion for Family Medicine. She enjoys the full spectrum of practice from delivering a newborn to managing the elderly and every day seems to have variety in her practice.

Sritha finds faculty and staff at Mid-Hudson are friendly, supportive and extremely approachable in all matters to help foster educational and personal growth. She also finds many opportunities to practice her skills on procedural based office visits. These help foster her plans to continue her training on preventive medicine and urgent care.

Adeel Syed Rehman, MD (Ellenville Family Health Center)

Dr. Rehman was born in Karachi, Pakistan and is a graduate of Dow Medical College, Pakistan. He was residing in New Paltz prior to joining the Mid-Hudson Family Medicine Program. He worked as a scribe at an urgent care clinic in Manhattan. He has done a Fellowship in aesthetic medicine from the American Board of Anti-Aging. Dr. Rehman chose the Mid-Hudson Program since he has been part of the community for some time. In his spare time, Dr. Rehman enjoys fatherhood with his two children and being involved in activities like swimming, table tennis and cricket. He is uncertain about his plans after graduation, but he is sure about using his medical knowledge and skills for the better of his community.

Amika Reynolds, MD (New Paltz Family Health Center)

Dr. Reynolds decided to join Mid-Hudson Family Medicine Residency after her personal experience as a student. Graduated from American University of Antigua, she finds the program’s focus on teaching and preventive care provides her broad experience in family medicine. Besides working, she spends time with her 3 year old child and enjoys movies, shopping and trying out different restaurants. She plans to join an academic institute as a teaching faculty physician.

Masood Saeed, MD (Kingston Family Health Center)

Originally from Long Island, Dr. Masood Saeed earned his B.S. in Health Sciences at Stony Brook University and completed his medical training at Saba University School of Medicine. Masood has a vastly diverse background in the medical field from having research experience in sleep studies and wound care to traveling abroad for medical mission work with the Global Medical Brigades. Family Medicine appealed to Masood because it offered a versatile field that will give him an opportunity to work in the primary care setting. He believes that the Mid-Hudson Family Medicine program is a unique place to work at and learn in an underprivileged and underserved area of the Hudson Valley. During his downtime, Masood loves to read medical journals and riveting novels. He also enjoys traveling and spending time with family and friends as well as keeping up to date with the sports world.

Nadia Shepeli, DO (New Paltz Family Health Center)

Born in the Ukraine, Dr. Shepeli moved to New York when she was 12 years old and graduated from New York College of Osteopathic Medicine. She is following her dream of becoming a family doctor who serves their community cultivating relationships by focusing on preventive medicine as well as being the first to diagnose and treat a variety of conditions ranging from pediatric to women’s health to geriatrics. The Mid-Hudson Family Medicine Residency provides her with the comprehensive training that she has been looking for. Excellent and approachable faculty members who are dedicated to teaching and providing constructive feedback foster her growth as a professional and prepare her to serve the community of the beautiful Hudson Valley.

Amy Soussan, MD (Ellenville Family Health Center)

Being brought up in the US and Germany, Dr. Soussan completed her medical training at the University of Leeds Medical School in England. Her goal is to live and practice in a rural area where she can be an “old-fashioned Doc”. She joined the Mid-Hudson Family Medicine Residency program for her post graduate training because she believes it provides her a full spectrum of training in an underprivileged and underserved area.

Besides spending time with her husband and five kids, Amy enjoys keeping her poultry, soap-making, baking and cooking. She finds the Hudson Valley as one of the most beautiful places ever.

Thomas Triplett, DO (Kingston Family Health Center)

Dr. Triplett is a fellow Californian who graduated from New York College of Osteopathic Medicine. He had spent time at Mid-Hudson Family Medicine Program as a student prior to joining us a resident. The robust and comprehensive training, along with the friendly working environment and the beautiful Hudson Valley area, influenced his decision to stay and train as a resident. He enjoys the continuity of care as a family physician as well as the ability to know the whole family. Tom can be found cycling in the area in his free time. He also enjoys gardening, music, and reading books. He plans to stay in the region and practice the full spectrum of family medicine after his training.


PicCathy-Anne Charles, MD

Dr. Charles was born in the United States Virgin Islands and is a former Brooklynite. She is a graduate of St. Matthew’s Medical school. Her background ranges from Laboratory Medicine to Clinical Research with Systemic Lupus patients. Dr. Charles believes that Family Medicine offers a diverse patient population and enjoys the continuity of patient care. She has a strong interest in women’s health and chose the Mid-Hudson Family Medicine Residency Program because of the faculty reputation and its status as an unopposed program.

In her free time, Dr. Charles enjoys hiking, reading, shopping at thrift shops and trying different foods.

Jenny ChienCropperCapture[1]Jenny Chien, MD

Dr. Chien was born in Taiwan and grew up in Little Silver, New Jersey. Her experience as a patient at an early age inspired her to pursue a career in medicine. Dr. Chien has extensive experience volunteering in different aspects of the healthcare system from EMT to a Continuous Quality Improvement program at NYP/Columbia University Ambulatory Care Network. She graduated from American University of Antigua School of Medicine. Dr. Chien believes the Mid-Hudson Residency’s unopposed program provides extensive quality training in Family Medicine balanced with a supportive atmosphere, dedicated faculty and friendly staff.

In her free time, Dr. Chien loves shopping, travelling around the world, and spending time with family and friends. Having grown up working in a restaurant, she loves to eat and try different restaurants. When she is not studying, Dr. Chien loves to play basketball and other types of sports.

Harendra Fernando MDCropperCapture[1]Harendra Fernando, MD

Dr. Fernando was born in Leeds, England but has lived in Larned, Kansas (pop. 4200) since 1986, so that’s where he really calls home. Dr. Fernando graduated from American University of Antigua College of Medicine. He received a degree in Psychology from University of Kansas (go Jayhawks!). He chose the Mid-Hudson Family Medicine Residency Program based on his rich learning experiences here as a 3rd and 4th year student. He was drawn to the comprehensive training curriculum, strong community roots and wonderful peer and faculty support provided for residents.

In his (now limited) free time, he enjoys running, cooking and sci-fi movies. Dr. Fernando has sky-dived, learned to replace the brakes on his car, and can disassemble and then reassemble a desktop computer with his eyes closed (literally).

Dan FitzgeraldCropperCapture[1]Dan Fitzgerald, MD

Dr. Fitzgerald grew up in New York and after living in different parts of the country, he is happy to be back. He attended Drexel University College of Medicine in Philadelphia, PA, Harvard Extension for post-baccalaureate work and SUNY Buffalo for his BA in Economics. He is passionate about using information technology to improve the practice of medicine. In his previous career, he helped develop speech recognition software. Dr. Fitzgerald believes this program, being unopposed, is a key advantage to better training, and so far his expectation is proving correct. His interview experience was excellent, highlighted by his discussion about opportunities in the behavioral health field. Dr. Fitzgerald feels the faculty is easy to work with and they are good teachers.

Dr. Fitzgerald previously worked as a personal trainer and loves to coach people to change their behavior. He also enjoys practicing mindfulness meditation and being in the moment as much as he can. In his spare time, he enjoys taking advantage of the beautiful Hudson Valley by going on bike rides, open water swims, and runs.

Asif Hassan MDCropperCapture[1]Syed Asif Hassan, MD

Dr. Hassan was born in Karachi, Pakistan and came to the United States when he was 10 years old. He grew up in Long Island, NY and went to SUNY Binghamton University for his undergraduate degree and Saba University School of Medicine for medical school. Dr. Hassan chose the Mid- Hudson Program because it offers a true Family Medicine experience with its rural setting and a diverse patient population. He was also drawn to the beautiful Hudson Valley as well as the fact that it is only 2 hours from NYC.

In his free time, Dr. Hassan loves to travel and spend time with his wife and family as well as play, follow and watch sports. He is a huge fan of cricket, football, basketball, soccer, baseball and any other sport under the sun; and plans to specialize in Sports Medicine after residency.

Navaid Khan MDCropperCapture[1]Navaid Khan, MD

Dr. Khan was born in Pakistan but has lived in the United States for the past 13 years; most of which was spent in Upstate New York. He is a graduate of Saba University School of Medicine and SUNY Binghamton University. Dr. Khan chose the Mid-Hudson Residency Program because it is close to home, and he was impressed by the resident team while rotating here as a student.

In his free time, if his two kids do not keep him occupied enough, Dr. Khan enjoys watching movies, and loves to travel, especially driving across the United States.

Jessica King DOCropperCapture[1]Jessica King, DO

Dr. King grew up in a small town in the northern part of New York State. She went to the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine and rotated at the Mid-Hudson Residency Program as a student, which she truly enjoyed. The residents and faculty were very welcoming and willing to teach. Dr. King chose the Mid-Hudson Program because of the dedication to teach within a family atmosphere. Being situated in the middle of the beautiful Catskills was an added bonus.

In her free time, Dr. King enjoys hiking and spending time with her family and friends. She also likes to cook and bake for her loved ones. When she is not reading for educational purposes, she enjoys reading fictional books.

AJ Nyambwa MDCropperCapture[1]Ajiru Nyambwa, MD

Dr. Nyambwa was born and raised in Dar es salaam, Tanzania. He attended Wichita State University in Wichita, Kansas, where he majored in nursing. In the past, he has enjoyed being a CNA, LPN, RN and BSN. He graduated from Ross University School of Medicine. He chose Family Medicine because he wanted to be equipped with the knowledge and skill set to treat every member in a given community. In 10 years, Dr. Nyambwa hopes to practice in a rural area providing much needed health care to everyone: young, old, sick and well. As long as he is working in an underserved community, he will call it a success. His interests in medicine include: Sports Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Global Medicine and Preventive Care. Dr. Nyambwa chose the Mid-Hudson Program because it’s a great place to raise kids and offers a lot of outdoor activities, conveniently located near NYC, yet much less expensive to live here. He feels being a part of the program not only allows him to learn through exceptional teaching skills of the faculty, but also allows him to be present in the very rich and vibrant community in which we serve. Between the amazing residents, supportive faculty and the abundance of resources, Dr. Nyambwa could not be happier in his decision to join Mid-Hudson.

When he is not working on becoming the best family physician he can be, you can find Dr.Nyambwa at Dietz stadium playing soccer or running along the Hudson River with his family.

Kruti Parikh MDCropperCapture[1]Kruti Parikh, MD

Dr. Parikh is a graduate of St. Matthew’s University School of Medicine. Dr. Parikh was drawn to Family Medicine because of the integrated and preventive care that family physicians provide to their patients. Upon visiting the Mid-Hudson Family Medicine Residency Program, she was impressed by the unity between faculty and residents in the residency program. She enjoys working with the underserved population and hopes to continue serving this population in the future.

In her free time, Dr. Parikh enjoys spending time with her family and friends, trying new restaurants, and reading. In addition, she is working on her MBA in HealthCare Management.

Brandon Stilson MDCropperCapture[1]Brandon Stilson, MD

Dr. Stilson is from Southern Utah where he studied Spanish and Chemistry. He studied medicine at the Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara. During his Pre-Internship year with New York Medical College, he was able to spend an elective month at the Mid-Hudson Program and knew that it was the residency program for him. He feels it is a complete, up-to-date, unopposed program with many opportunities; yet situated in a more rural setting, which is perfect for him and his family.

Dr. Stilson spends his free time enjoying all the outdoor activities Kingston has to offer, with his wife and three sons. He looks forward to applying everything he has learned and experienced in becoming a well-rounded Family Practice Physician.


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JTelsonCropperCapture[1]Jonas Telson, MD